Catch-up Programme

Catch-up Programme

This project has assisted over 250 Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller young people so far!

John William – a student on ODET’s tutoring programme won pupil of the year at his school in 2022! His mum commented "So proud of him and thank you for all the help. His teacher spoke about how much his confidence has really grown"

"ODET’s programme demonstrates the importance of personalised, flexible approaches that engage the students in work that is meaningful, relevant and valued. Their tutoring programme provides a much needed and valued connector between home and school." - Leeds Beckett University

Quick facts

Age range: 5-18

Time commitment: 1 hour per week for 39 weeks (to cover school terms)

Equipment: Resource pack provided including books and stationery. Tablet and Wi-Fi dongle offered if needed. All free of charge.

What is it?

We match up the young person with a professional online tutor. All of our tutors are trained and DBS checked. This project is a complement, not an alternative, to mainstream schooling. Students log on to our easy-to-use online platform and we offer one hour of additional support per week to work on any aspect of education the child would like more assistance with. This hour can take place during or outside of school times.

Support offered?

Yes! Our Education Officer will provide support from start to finish for young people, their families, and the tutor.


Young people from ethnic minority communities are more likely to be behind their peers in school attainment. This project aims to combat that. Research from the Department of Education (2022) shows that in terms of achievement, children and young people of Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller heritage have some of the lowest educational outcomes, across all periods of formal education.


I am enjoying learning a lot more as it is only me and the tutor. This has helped improve my learning, to become better in different subjects and also helped me become more confident in myself and not to be afraid to ask questions when I don’t understand certain things.

Young person

I wish we could have had more lessons in the school holidays

Young person

The teachers have commented that they have seen both children’s confidence grow, and that they have seen improvement in their abilities. They are both enjoying school more as they are not so far behind

Parent of child

He is more confident, talking more English at home and his maths has improved a lot

Parent of child

Back at school during the first week the kids both got 'star of the week'. Teachers have commented they are better at taking in learning, they're doing amazing.

Parent of children

Get involved

If you would like to talk about this project with us, please contact or phone 07842 311 701.

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