One-to-one online tutoring provided by a professional at a time that works. Open Doors works systemically to enact change.

"ODET’s programme provides a safe, motivating and productive space for students." – Leeds Beckett University

We provide one-to-one professional online tutoring from the comfort of student’s own home at a time that suits them.

At Open Doors Education & Training (ODET), our unique education projects are delivered entirely online. Our projects are evidence based and are designed to overcome barriers to education. We offer flexible education that works. Our focus is children and young people from ethnic minority and other marginalised communities

All technology is provided and our young people are supported every step of the way.

Talk to us about commissioning our tutoring services. Let’s work together to unlock the potential in young people.

Lack of cultural representation, bullying, and institutional racism in education can make children from ethnic minority communities feel alienated and disengaged.


of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities have experienced discrimination in some aspect of education (2017 research)


one in five

Traveller pupils felt they had to leave school due to bullying and two thirds of those surveyed felt bullied by their teachers (2020 research)



of Traveller pupils wanted to stay in school for longer but were taken out because of bullying, family reasons, or because of a lack of support from their school (SEN) (2020 research)


10 times

Gypsies and Travellers are 10 times less likely to go to university than their peers


Barriers in education - young Gypsies and Travellers in London

This video has been produced for the Greater London Authority’s Citizen Led Engagement project. 11 young Traveller peer researchers were trained in basic qualitative research skills and assisted in creating a questionnaire. The peer researchers interviewed forty-four 15 - 25 year old Travellers in London about the barriers they have faced in education; these are their findings.

What people say

It’s going great, he totally understands how the tutor is explaining everything and he is looking forward to the lesson. I think I might have even been learning myself by accident!

Parent of young person

I didn’t enjoy school before - but I really enjoy the NEET Program and wish I could have lessons every day. When I started, I was looking to get a job, but now I’m thinking about going to University and applying for an Access Course.

Functional Skills for NEET student

I totally love this project and it’s my life’s work to keep kids connected to education.

Open doors tutor

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